4 chat dating kid room


321 Chat has volunteer moderators that police the text posted in the public chat (when present).

Often, people do some or all of these things and nothing comes of it, but those who have been the victim of crime, whether cyber or physical have almost certainly violated one of these 4 chat safety rules.

Most people who are victims, convince themselves that the duration of their online relationship is evidence that the person they are talking to could do no harm.

There are a percentage of people or robots in every chatroom, that are there, for no other reason than to separate you from your money.

Obviously this means your home address, phone number and full name but your identity can also be revealed by giving up less obvious pieces of information.

Most people have social media accounts that can expose where you live, where you work and who your family members are.

You open yourself up to viruses, spy-ware and ad-ware when you start putting such files on your computer.

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