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Transition of Common Logon Access, CNPWeb access to ADEConnect: This memo is for the Designated Officials per the Food Program Permanent Service Agreement at any School Food Authority or Sponsor that conducts business solely with the Food Programs (NSLP, SMP, SBP, CACFP, SFSP) at ADE.

Transition of Common Logon Access to the Child Nutrition Programs CNPWeb to ADEConnect: This memo is for School Food Authorities or Sponsors that are not Designated Officials and conduct business solely with ADE Food Programs (NSLP, SMP, SBP, CACFP, SFSP) Click here for a comprehensive list of older Health and Nutrition Service Memos by School Year.

*Memos for School Year 2014 – School Year 2003 are unavailable on the web.

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A language objective specifically outlines the language that ELLs will need in order to meet the content objective. Teachers need to consider the schema that ELLs bring to the classroom and to link instruction to the students’ personal, cultural, and world experiences.

For example, if your content objective is for ELLs to provide examples of solids, liquids, and gas, the language objective could be to write simple sentences about the stages of matter. They also need to identify what their students do not know. Language is not “soaked up.” The learner must understand the message that is conveyed.

Teaching all students to read requires a school level system for early identification of 'at risk' students and a school level system for providing those students with the intensive interventions they need to become proficient readers.

These qualities were not observed as consistently or as clearly in theless successful schools. According to the TESOL’s Implementing the Common Core State Standards for English Learners: The Changing Role of the ESL Teacher, “ESL teachers should be recognized as experts, consultants, and trainers well versed in teaching rigorous academic content to ELs.” What can you do to share your expertise with the classroom teachers in your school?Here are six strategies that classroom teachers need to learn: 1.At the end of the lesson, students should be asked if the objective was met.Classroom teachers also need to set language objectives for the ELLs for each lesson.schools is to improve the effectiveness of interventions for struggling readers.

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