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confirmed it’s testing a new feature that flags users’ profiles as potentially including “sensitive content.” When you click on one of these profiles from a link on Twitter, or if you visit the profile’s web page directly, you won’t be immediately shown the users’ tweets.

Instead, a warning message displays, reading “Caution: This profile may include sensitive content.” When you click a link to the profile on Twitter, the message appears in a pop-up window.

Currently, the company permits content that contains violence or nudity, but it draws the line at “pornography or excessive violence in live video, or in your profile image or header image,” according to its page on sensitive media.

It doesn’t mention profanity, racism, bigotry and other types of offenses, however.

There have been some horrendous cases where girls have had their image used in advertising for pornography, and the ability to have the photos taken down is an impossible task.

Even worse still is having your child’s photo stolen, and used for “role playing” , advertising or for ridicule.

Even if the photo is of your family member but it was taken by another person who uploaded the photo, the person that held the camera is the one who owns the copyright.

Case in point the Monkey Selfie, where the monkey was proven to own the photo, not the photographer who owned the camera the monkey took a selfie with. Don’t upload any photo to the internet you couldn’t live with having stolen.

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Twitter isn’t the only platform with this issue, Facebook and Instagram also have a big problem with fake accounts, which probably really took off with the original “My Space” In the case of the man reported in the Brisbane Times, his profile was also used on a dating app.

In one scenario babies photos were being stolen and added to a Facebook group that was set up as an “Ugly Baby” group. You do waive some rights to use of your photo if you upload your photo to Facebook, Instagram or other photo sharing websites.

These social media apps, can use your photos in advertising for example, it’s a good idea to understand the Terms And Conditions of these platforms if you are concerned about how they might user your posts or images.

And before you say, “Oh well, what I don’t know can’t hurt me”, think of how you would feel if your child’s image was discovered photoshopped nude and used on a pornographic or pedophile website, and yes that is happening.

It may be one in a thousand chance that your or your family members image is stolen, but don’t make it easy for the thieves.

Users who wanted to look very popular on Twitter could buy thousands of Fake “Bot” (Robot) followers for as little as five dollars.

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