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There's lots of hunting and gore and kumbaya, and there's even a long, lingering scene of Mortensen once again in the altogether. On the way, he walks me through his "obsession" (his word) with death."I think about death all the time," he tells me as we both fire up another cigarette, him leaning over to light mine. He has never had a problem with letting it all hang out; like his ability to speak eight languages, he doesn't really get why people make such a big deal out of it. "I mean, when I was a little kid, some of my first memories are waking up and going, 'Ugh, I'm gonna die.' " As a kid? As his date, he brought his son, who was so enthusiastically psyched for his dad it’s IMPOSSIBLE to resist, and he even answered a dumb question from Ryan Seacrest—is there any other kind—without strangling Seacrest to death on national television, a feat in and of itself. red carpet spot isn’t just a crime scene by the end of the night. One time at an art show he didn’t interrupt when I was talking to Dennis Hopper—NAME DROP—when pretty much every other celebrity would steamroll the nobody hogging Dennis’s time. Mortensen was kind of fun on the red carpet because he clearly knew he was not going to win, and he was relatively relaxed as a result. On my computer and TV it read both blue and black, depending on the angle and light. If it is blue, I’m going to have to redo my Blue Tux Walk Off. Not too long ago, it was rare to get an ID on a dude’s suit, but lately they’ve been good about providing them for tuxedos. , which follows an FBI agent who leads an unconventional team on the hunt for notorious murder Ted Kaczynski.The film is set to begin filming in January of next year.

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(He lost to Daniel Day-Lewis, for , directed not by Cronenberg but by an actor-writer-director named Matt Ross, with Mortensen playing an endearing, passionate, complicated—okay, weird—father who tries to protect his kids from the pressures of a conformist, commodified society. We decide to grab a late lunch, pulling into a diner by Lake Ontario, where he orders a tuna-fish sandwich.

As his character says in the movie: "It's just a penis. We are driving down a gorgeous country road with farms on both sides. I said, 'You have all this land, sell it if you think you're broke.' And he did." Lots of farmland. "I guess living in the countryside, I might've learned about it earlier. Once I realized that animals are gonna die, hence I'm going to die.

Every man has one." Today is only the second time since he flew back to the States from Europe several weeks ago—"when it seemed like only a matter of days" that his father had left to live—that he has left the house for more than a few hours. Viggo is terrified that he will also get dementia one day. Some of this land until recently belonged to his dad. "Then he calls me up one night and says, 'Someone's on my property, I'm gonna shoot them.' I said, 'You can't fucking shoot them, you don't own it anymore!

("He's a tough son of a bitch," he says of his old man. He said it reminded him of Denmark; Mortensen knows it had more to do with torturing his mother. ' "On the road, his phone rings again, this time with a call from his girlfriend in Spain. He made this place to hang out with his friends." He takes me into a small red barn on the property and opens the squeaky door.

"He rallied.") It took a while to find nurses he could trust, but he has hired one for today. Mortensen was married once, to the punk-rock singer Exene Cervenka, the mother of his twenty-eight-year-old son, Henry Blake Mortensen, an actor and musician.

He had the world by the balls, with his pick of roles—big studio stuff, Clooney kind of stuff, paycheck stuff. (He doesn't wear a watch.) "I better get you back," he says. earlier in the day, in our first ten minutes together, I mentioned that I forgot my driver's license and that some drama ensued at La Guardia Airport. " On the other side of the security rope, Mortensen couldn't be happier.

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