Backup before updating to lion


(In case you want to upgrade your Mac to mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, check out this guide.) First and foremost, Siri’s coming to Mac.

This is great news for everyone who’s already used to her help on i OS.

If you plan to join the crowd, please make sure to back up your computer before you do. Siri’s been a feature of the i Phone and i Pad for a while, but it’s never been on the Mac before.

It monitors your Mac’s health, helps you speed up the system and remove unnecessary apps (Trashing doesn’t fully uninstall apps, by the way).

Back up your Mac This is basic common sense before any Mac software update you’d like to undertake. Well, because sometimes updates happen less smoothly than you’d like them to.

The memory amount is shown on the main About This Mac screen from above.

To see how much space you have on your Mac's hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD), click the More Info button again and then click Storage at the top of the window.

Changes to i Cloud Drive in Sierra include the ability to automatically sync the contents of both your Mac’s Desktop and its Documents folder, the two locations most of us keep most of our files.

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