Best dating ideas men Joey brooks hotchatdirect РЊ

Roller or bowling dates are a great way to determine if your date is easygoing, adventurous, or a prude.

Plan an overnight or daytime stay in a remote town or resort community. Book a higher end downtown hotel room and live like a rich and famous couple for the day.

And trust me guys; if she's happy, you'll be happy.

Now I know romantic walks and sunsets are probably one step beneath having a needle poked in your eye.

Learn about wine and your dates fruity flavors at a wine tasting event. Sit for a while and talk about what you both enjoy in life while tasting some of the world's best wines.

Get sand between your toes or roast some dogs at the beach or park. Most home stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Crate & Barrel sell those nifty old school picnic baskets.

Fill it with your favorite wine, a few sandwiches and some chocolate covered strawberries.

More » It pays to get a little dirty with your date. Stay on the farm and enjoy the scenery or take your picks home and make smoothies together. Get tickets to a traveling group or see a local production.

Most states have farms where you can pick your own fruit. is a good place to start your search for pick-your-own farms. Most cities have community theater groups that have year-round performances. Who knows, your date may surprise you with a few talents of his own.

Prices can range from the less intimidating a person to the exclusive upper hundreds.

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