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She started as a dancer on the WWE's reboot of ECW and had a nice run in the WWE, which was followed with a spot on the E! There's always rumors of a return since she's still young. At one point, she seemed poised to be the diva of the new age for the WWE, but there was one little hitch.

Of course, she was fabulous, do you even need to ask?She was part of the era of women who transitioned from the model-like divas of the Attitude Era to the women wrestlers of today. She was the winner of one of the first diva search competitions, but fared better than most and didn't have to take off her clothes for Playboy.After the end of her tag team with Michelle Mc Cool, her career really dropped fast.Alexa Bliss is absolutely all the proof you need that wrestling is more about personality and less about technique or size.Tamina's dad was WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka.Back then, it was easy to see which women aligned with which men.

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