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Discuss anything you wish about gaming, technology, life, comics, etc. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino has already made appearances on TV shows including his own TV show “Atlanta.” The “This Is America” video though has really made me want to see more of his acting. And as always, the rules of the subreddit and reddiquette apply. Interesting posts from the sub: Don't Fund the Next Dylann Roof: Dump Reddit! (The list is misleading because except for Black Panther and Tomb Raider they are all really close together). The movies listed below I don't ever really need to see again in life.I was too dumbstruck to say anything other than "No no no. It doesn't matter that you aren't saying it to someone.No no no." But then he got flustered and defensive.It's weird because it's the first time (thankfully) I've had to educate a liberal family member and approach it from the "dealing with a white male" point of view.I really want to reapproach the conversation with him more eloquently, I know he can be educated on this, but he's grown up in a place so white that he's never had to be confronted about his whiteness.We had the occasional Predator and Terminator, but we also had things like the Batman series or the later parts of the Superman movies.

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A version that is much more important than the original comic book character.Today, however, we somehow got on the topic of use of the N word over the internet.He's a pretty intense gamer and is deep into internet and gaming culture.Even our TV shows, we interesting, but were relatively lacking in technical execution. It was a great show, but really the most advanced thing the kid ever did was turbo boost 20 feet in the air jump. Now we have shows like Agents of Shield, Black Lightning, Flash, Arrow and any many others, and we have the whole MCU to look at, and even though that DCEU hasn't given us the best movies, they are still far better than what we got with the first two Punisher movies and Howard the Duck. How often do you just take a look back and appreciate the time that we're living in?(No need to debate me on the other great movies of the 80's and 90's.If his character had been a random no one, it would be easy to do away with the character or twist him into something different.

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