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To keep disruption to a minimum, all cable installation was done at night time – and of course, in the rain!Life at Nilsen has always been more than just business, with social functions dating back to the earliest days of the company, when charismatic founder OJ Nilsen would enthusiastically organise events for his staff.Australians however, were a braver lot and fancy ceramic electric jugs quickly became a status symbol during the Great Depression era.Anyone who could offer to boil you a cuppa from a beautiful Electric Kookaburra Jug was certainly doing well!

Electric kettles were invented by the English to speed up tea preparation but a fear of electrocution hindered their production in Britain and America.

In 2003 the project was completed with the delivery of the final submarine.

Nilsen Premiere was established in 1979 with the aim of introducing pay TV to Australia but fans of BMX Bandits can thank the company’s change of direction for this beloved film.

Through his active role in community organisations he became a well-recognised public figure.

The pinnacle of his political career came in 1951, when he was elected Lord Mayor of Melbourne.

Fortunately, with some careful re-planning, and workers rotating on 3 8-hour shifts (to splice a 24 hour day), Nilsen were able to make it happen.

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