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Like I didn’t like as much as the Broadway production, but it was a movie, and I felt when I was watching it that, “Wow, I’m watching two amazing movie stars in their prime.” Lindsay: Yeah. And just looking at it again, I thought that both Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor just lit up the screen. They just drew the scene…they just brought the scene to them. They were just performing the piece and bringing us into their world. But if you watch the scene, the music is playing and it’s this kind of, like I say, like soft cocktail party music.

I think after we watched the show that we saw, we then went and sought out the movie and watched the movie, again, a couple of years ago. And I think they make the mistake of ‘inner pain means clenched jaw” and… It was a good example I think of less is more, too. The music that was playing, it sounded like a jazz trio that you’d hear in like the hotel of a fancy lobby that just didn’t jive with me for the location.

When Franny cannot open the door out of the pie shop, anarchy, the apocalypse, Scotch tape, and a talking lemon pie all converge in one great piece of pie, of course. I’m doing jazz hands for those of you who don’t have the visual part of a podcast, [laughs] which is everybody. We’re cozied up in front of the computer with mugs of hot coco and a thick computer-generated fire. This week, actually today, the day that this podcast is going to be posted, where are we going, Craig?

And this is a new play of mine, it’s called Backspace. And the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is oh so delightful.

In addition, the teacher, Jessica Bordlee, gave Albert a plastic red nose to wear in front of the class.

“This was an academic achievement ceremony where you are supposed to celebrate children,” said La Tosha Alexis, Hayden’s great-aunt. It’s not appropriate for the first grade.” Joe Craig, chief administrative officer for the Lafayette Parish School System, said officials learned of the incident Wednesday after The Daily Advertiser contacted them.

[Laughs] Speaking of choices, in the Jessica Lange/Tommy Lee Jones, again, a very cheap TV version, and made me laugh and it shouldn’t have, but Jessica Lange was very…whoever decided that she was going to be very literal in her interpretation of Maggie as the cat…on more than one occasion basically got her claws out, and she scratches the furniture and she’s [] at the screen window and she wags her hands down the window pane, and I’m like, you know, the first time she did it I just kind of went, “Oh, that’s a little neat choice.” And then, four times later I’m like, “I don’t need to be…

Craig: Well, and her and Tommy Lee Jones were acting in two completely different places.

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Family members said Hayden Albert, 7, received the certificates in front of his classmates and their parents during a Monday ceremony at the school.

Today, it’s the first You Tube Fireside Chat of 2013, woop, woop! Okay, so last week in the Theatrefolk news, I talked about going to the Arkansas Thespian Festival, only I didn’t call it the Arkansas Thespian Festival.

The first is a lovely sendup of Lord of the Flies by playwright Clint Snyder, who is a new-to-Theatrefolk playwright—love that—and it’s called Lord of the Pies. Craig: Yeah, that’s the fun of it, I think, because there’s so much to do and so much going on that it’s just fun to go and just pick something on a whim and go.

Lindsay: Well, and there’s the stereotype too of, you know, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and speaking in a Southern…and the whole Elizabeth Taylor… Craig: Yeah, but I mean, certainly at the time there were a lot of homosexuals working on Broadway, but it wasn’t exactly gay-friendly yet. I separate production and text, you know, and I can do that.

Craig: …but again, you know there’s Big Daddy in it, but I didn’t really know the script. And my memory of it was that I was not enjoying the production at all, but my heavens, did I think it was a wonderful script. So, you know, certainly was not in any way, shape or form mainstream. It’s never really said or spoken, but it’s pretty clear to me that that’s what’s going on. Lindsay: Well, I think that, you know, I come from a pretty unique perspective that when I’m watching a play I’m looking for the… I think the normal person going to see a play has no concept of that.

“Everything was just so quiet and people had these strange looks on their faces,” Hayes said. I was so uncomfortable.” Hayes said she immediately felt something was “not right” when she saw the certificates. ” Craig said the principal of Evangeline Elementary, Felise Williams, learned of the incident via Facebook and has met with the teacher. “Additionally, due to the severity of the incident, the principal will be recommending disciplinary action taken against the teacher,” Craig said. However, we were very concerned about the teacher’s actions and human resources will respond accordingly.” In an apology voice message obtained by The Daily Advertiser, Bordlee told Hayden’s family that she was sorry if they were offended by the class clown award and that it was not intended in a negative way.

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