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For instance, the sounds represented by ö and ü do not exist in English.But it is easy to make those sounds using familiar sounds and a few easy tips. Trying to sort out who is doing what in the sentence becomes easier when you can separate the nouns from everything else.You may have heard that German is a difficult language to learn.Or you may have read Mark Twain’s lamentations about endlessly long words that can’t be found in a dictionary.Written narrative German uses a different tense, the simple past tense.You will learn to recognize many of those forms, but you will never need to produce most of them yourself.Because of compounding, the meanings of German words can be more readily predictable than their English counterparts.Speakers of English benefit from the fact that English and German developed from the very same language roots.

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The perfect tense form is all that is needed to express past states and actions in conversational German.

And for each thing you find difficult about German, there are actually some features of German that make it quite easy for English speakers in particular to learn.

In fact, many of these features can be of benefit learners no matter what their native language. Once you have learned which letters or letter combinations represent which sounds, you will know how to pronounce new words correctly without ever having heard them or having to memorize what they sound like.

The regular verbs show tense through fixed suffixes (generally –ed in English, –te/-t in German), while the irregular verbs mark tense via internal sound changes and perhaps also suffixes (-t in English, –te/-t in German).

Such shared features of German and English are due to their common history.

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