Companys can not stop employees from dating each other

The Lady 30 years of age of lets say Dirty Rotten quit her job because management refused to handle the situation.

3 poeple total quit because of Dirty Rottens abusive comments and bad attitude towards them.

In general, it has always been understood in business that serious intimate relationships between co-workers is not a good idea.

Even if you set the rules for certain levels in the organization, there is no way to determine what the future holds.

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This can cause problems because Sally will not find it easy to deal with if Joe should later have to be reprimanded or fired or whatever by Sally.the lowes I work at is currently having a disagreement between HR and the associates on the interpretation of the personal relationship policy.The pertinent sentence reads "No relationships are allowed between associates who would directly or indirectly report" to one another.I filed over 4 complaints with 4 different managers all assuring me that they could control her.Yeah right if you work at Lowes be prepared for harrasment Wow i cannot believe you store actually abides by policy.As long as the bosses are aware of the relationship and one partner does not have power over the other, such as giving raises or promotions, then relationships should be allowed.

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