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In 1929 Edward Link created the “Link trainer” (patented 1931) probably the first example of a commercial flight simulator, which was entirely electromechanical.It was controlled by motors that linked to the rudder and steering column to modify the pitch and roll.

Head movements would move a remote camera, allowing the user to naturally look around the environment.

In hindsight the experience Weinbaum describes for those wearing the goggles are uncannily like the modern and emerging experience of virtual reality, making him a true visionary of the field.

In the mid 1950s cinematographer Morton Heilig developed the Sensorama (patented 1962) which was an arcade-style theatre cabinet that would stimulate all the senses, not just sight and sound.

He also created six short films for his invention all of which he shot, produced and edited himself.

The Sensorama films were titled, Motorcycle, Belly Dancer, Dune Buggy, helicopter, A date with Sabina and I’m a coca cola bottle!

Headsight was the first step in the evolution of the VR head mounted display but it lacked the integration of computer and image generation.

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