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This bass sounds very good and plays fantastic with a new set of flatwound strings for the vintage tone and low string noise.A new one will set you back 9 without a case or gigbag.It's shown without back cover but remind me and I can install one prior to shipping.Includes trem arm, springs, and original "Plus" case with deluxe latches and gray interior. 2008 G&L Tribute JB-2 Bass, (front If youre a fan of the classic Fender Jazz bass tone, heres a very good quality G&L Tribute for a nice price.The Plus also features Sperzel locking tuners as well as a Wilkinson roller nut, both enhancements to keep the guitar in tune, especially for players who use the tremolo to great measure.The Sperzels also make string trees unnecessary so you have a much cleaner look on the headstock with no string hang-ups.

The Plus also features precision locking tuners and LSR roller nut (or Wilkinson cam nut on early models), enhancements to keep the guitar in tune, especially for players who use the tremolo to great measure.It featured a trio of the new Lace Sensor pickups, which provided a vintage tone without the annoying noise associated with standard Strat pickups - and no magnetic string pull to kill the sustain of the strings.The Gold Laces (50's Strat sound) on this model are the same pickups used on the early Plus models as well as on the Clapton and Buddy Guy signature models; both of whom toured with these stock Laces for many years.This one comes with a new Stew-Mac truss rod adjustment tool (shown here) since someone used a wrong size allen key at some point, but the Stew-Mac tool is beveled and made for this very purpose.Lettering on the pickups is still in nice shape which usually indicates a guitar hasn't seen much playing time.The Strat Plus made its debut in 1987 and had a very successful 13-year run, ending in '99, which was the last year of the American Standard series.

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