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The checkout line is the easiest place to start a conversation, but there are plenty of other excuses too.

You can ask for help reaching something on the top shelf or advice on an item you have never brought before.

For a fun way to cross tactile boundaries unleash your inner child visit Bounce Inc which features giant interconnected trampolines and an Adventure Challenge Course along with lots of other activities that will have you jumping for joy.

From the concession stand line to half time there are plenty of opportunities to meet people.Whichever you choose don’t sit in the corner of the room, instead position yourself in a high traffic area where you’re likely to encounter more people.Another tip is to face the room – this allows you to scan the area and people-watch.If you’re feeling nervous beforehand and hate small talk visit Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks where you’ll witness an awe-inspiring cosmic presentation which will offer plenty for you to discuss afterward.For more date suggestions, read our list of 15 unique date ideas in Melbourne. Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, so it’s no surprise that Gf K found that nearly one in four single men visit a museum or art exhibit approximately once a month.

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