Dating game questions for men


If you are interested in having a man completely obsessed with you and The premise of The Newlywed Game was to get newly marrieds to take turns answering questions about their marriage or their spouse.These questions often became quite risqué, which was usually done suggestively.The game begins with the husbands leaving the room while a host asks the wives three questions.

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I went with the one in orange because his views seemed a little more aligned with mine and he had some interesting observations.

You can't see who said what until you score the contestants, so I couldn't consider other factors like what they looked like — and it turned out after the big reveal that I wasn't attracted to my winner.

There's also a geographical barrier, since the app's only unlocked in California right now (it'll move to other cities once their waitlists fill up).

Most wives probably answered, “Brushes his teeth.” Or another woman who answered this Newlywed Game question, “Where is the strangest place you’ve ever made whoopee” by answering, “In the butt.” The host was looking for an actual place, like in the car or Las Vegas.

There are four couples, all newlyweds, ready to answer Newlywed Game questions along with someone who is asking the questions.

This speaks to the fact that even though the app puts women in control, men still get to choose whether or not to participate.

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