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But because you have spent so much of your teenage years worrying about adult things as well as teenage things, while also subconsciously grieving the loss of childhood, there is simply no more complex time in a man’s life than being a teenager.

You might as well not have bothered – every parent knows it’s going on from the moment they only see one of your Family Guy socks in the wash. Shaving As adults, many of us now have to shave once or even twice a day. But that first tentative shave is a weird experience and the start of a process that you need to keep up with forevermore.

You aren’t just shaving that horrible teen-stash away (at last) – you are shaving away your childhood.

Using a Google search, I found five of the first ten results were teen dating apps.

A second search in the App Store brought up 91 results.

Thank so much for your patience and for being part of our movement for good.

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