Dating in the dark australia 2016

We spotted this claw machine full of Japanese food keychains as prizes! We didn’t try our luck at winning any of these because we know we are not professionals. 😛 Yummy matcha flavoured ice cream in cold weather!

I had actually shortlisted a handful of cafes to visit in Tokyo, but somehow, we only managed to go to Fujiya Peko-chan Milky Restaurant in Shibuya for Little misschewy’s birthday cake! Back in Ikebukuro, you can find Sunshine City, where the Mega Pokemon Center is!

You should use the ladle to pour some water into your hands to rinse your mouth before spitting the water at the side of the fountain.

Not surprisingly, there was a queue to enter the temple as worshippers took their time to pray fervently.

However, if you are not hard pressed for time, the Airport Limousine Bus is a convenient choice too!There are many ways to travel from the airport to Tokyo, but if you are travelling with children, the JR Narita Express and Airport Limousine Bus are your best bets 😉 After meeting our Airbnb host and her baby girl, we took the public bus from the bus stop at Ikebukuro to Sensoji, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple.The hubs and I had been there separately before and we agreed that Asakusa Temple is one of the heavily commercialized temples in Tokyo. Hordes of tourists were there to offer their prayers.Do you know the significance of this 5-yen (Go-yen) coin?In Japanese, Go-yen sounds like ご縁 which translates to fate, bond and relationship. Therefore, it is only naturally that worshippers prefer to use the 5-yen coin when praying at a temple or shrine.We also observed the purification ritual whenever we visited a particular temple in Japan.

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