Dating kenyan man


He doesn't work full time so he can't be that busy!!all Im being told by people is if he cared enough he would make more effort which is what I think however I've also been told this is an African man they aren't like western men relationships are very different, but are they?! I've said to him so many times if your not interested anymore or bored just tell me!!Majority of those polled prefer women who are up to five years younger than them (41 per cent) or same in age (28 per cent).

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Yellow-brown complexioned women fit the fancy of only 4 per cent of those polled while one per cent desire bi-racial and another one per cent white women.

Five per cent said age did not matter while another five per cent preferred someone who was up to five years their senior, and another two per cent women who were more than five years older than them.

Only five per cent of the men polled would choose a woman who is taller than them.

Ideally, though, men would like to choose their dream woman on the basis of love and affection (78 per cent), followed by character (70 per cent), physical appearance (68 per cent), level of education (62 per cent), health (60 per cent), age (46 per cent), cultural background (44 per cent) and religious affiliation (38 per cent).

A significant proportion of men prefer a woman to have the same level of education as they do (45 per cent), but 20 per cent would like partners that have less education than they do.

Even then, they are willing to let her share in making financial decisions but few would brook her family’s deep involvement in their relationship.

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