Dating looks or intellect


I can only be told that you're a genius so many times before I need to see some application beyond your GPA or alma mater. Man A: I don't think I would ever COMMIT myself to someone who isn't intelligent enough for me. Pretension is intelligence gone wrong, though a truly wise person wouldn't be outwardly pretentious in the first place.

Man B: I think pretentiousness is all in how you use your intelligence vs. If someone is trying to impress me by acting smart I will be immediately turned off.

Woman A: I don’t think they need to be sapiosexual, but I’ve found that intelligent people certainly prefer and appreciate other intelligent people. It's so much easier, they love my bullsh*t and we never fight.

We can talk out literally anything because we both just enjoy understanding new perspectives. Knowledge, and the process of seeking it, become a shared passion that parlays into foreplay, both mentally and sexually.

Medical doctors and therapists are nice, but I don’t need someone who is intelligent in that narrow and traditional sense. Someone who can think on their feet and spar verbally makes me swoon.

They certainly don’t need to be intelligent in every conceivable category across the board. But I need someone who can speak about what they care deeply about. So does someone who incorporates the things they’ve learned in their day-to-day into a conversation.

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I always judge the latter as both more secure and more intelligent.

And I might, to a degree, but that’s only one aspect of it and one aspect of who I am.

They worry that I can’t be physical or show physical affection but it’s certainly not the case.

Woman B: That we are pretentious or pseudo-intellectuals.

I can definitely come off aggressive at times and although I'm generally just flirting, playing devils advocate does not always come off as humble or down-to-earth.

Man A: It doesn't need to be explicit, but I do think with my particular look and lifestyle that someone would have to be to want to date me.

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