Dating married woman in her fourties Wap 7 sex


Why would a woman in her forties – a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter – start having steamy sex in the back of a car with a man who’s not even her type?

Why would she risk it all when she’s got so much to lose? The sex therapist and author has been studying infidelity for years.

My friend and I were sharing a hotel room at a weeklong business conference.

After a day of dry lectures and an evening of happy hours and conference socializing, we were tired, a bit tipsy, and slightly giddy.

You’re more likely to cheat if you’re an Only Child.

Then we looked for a place to continue the conversation, gave up, and he brought me home, walked me to the door and gave me a goodnight kiss.

He had a wonderful combination of piercing and wide-ranging intelligence, a sense of humor, and a good job –he played guitar in a metal band.

“They are in that wonderful ambivalent state, too good to leave, too bad to stay,” Perel explained.

Women are making a big contribution to the rising infidelity rate.

I drank coffee, he drank green tea, and we talked for hours about politics and change.

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