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The support from the community has been outstanding.

Many agencies, parents, and retired professionals have volunteered to spend time at Oasis mentoring, playing games, and supporting our youth.

Make the three types of weapons once for the achievement. Same as Junkyard Weaponsmith but this time you have to make the weapons and deposit in the weapon crates that are in the area, Deposit 30 makeshift weapons (any type) to complete the achievement.

Participate in the raptor race that starts in Amnoon and and get first, second or third place. Raptor racing is a semi regular event that occurs just east of the Amnoon waypoint.

This program is free and youth do not need to be homeless or at-risk to access this program.

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It is basically a set of six orbs, and they light up in specific order.

You have to watch the order he lights them up and then repeat it in the same order.

There is three rounds of this, with each round being progressively harder.

Complete a bounty from the three bounty boards at Amnoon, Kormir Temple and Destiny’s Gorge.

Defeat each legendary bounty in Crystal Oasis at least once.

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