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Many studies have only narrowly focused on heterosexuals or women, giving a very limited and generalized perspective of the trend itself.

Without a doubt, the media, music, television and books all influence sexuality and how comfortable we are talking about it. Hookup culture has become so prevalent that most people don’t even question it. Mustafa, who is Muslim, described living in Iraq where women are forbidden from having public relationships.

Paula Paulette is going to be 80 in April — and she’s online dating.

And she’s not just looking for someone to eat ice cream and play bingo with.

Crank is open about giving the LGBT community a voice.

“You give someone yourself physically, but you don’t give them yourself emotionally.” Mustafa also believes sexually transmitted diseases and risk of pregnancy are more repercussions of being involved with a lot of partners. You shouldn’t be, it determines your life,” she said.

Hookup culture seems like a one-sided issue for most people, yet some view it and deal with it differently.

But what does a hookup entail and just how many people in the U. In an article by, a study conducted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2011 compiled college students’ claims of regular hookups.

Fifty-four percent reported “hooking up” within the academic year.

He pointed out that safe sex with regard to homosexuals is largely excluded from the classroom, making it very difficult to gain information on healthy ways of embracing who one is and what one does with their body.

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