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This is an arrow pointing upwards, resting on three perpendicular legs on top of which are three closed circles, making a stylised image of three people: the first of these in the middle and taller than the others is the point of the arrow, and the other two beside it appear as it were to be embraced by the central figure, the three stylised figures with the arrow pointing upwards can also be viewed as a simple dwelling with a sloping roof and with pillars holding it up (the bodies of the three people).The logo contains elements from German and Brazilian provinces, it is designed with the central theme "Don Bosco and the Salesians walking with the young through the world." The new logo is the result of combining two logos already established for years in some parts of the Congregation: the German logo and the Brazilian logo.Polyvinylpyrrolidone-coated gold nanoparticles inhibit endothelial cell viability, proliferation, and ERK1/2 phosphorylation and reduce the magnitude of endothelial-independent dilator responses in isolated aortic vessels.Examining the efficacy of six published time-lapse imaging embryo selection algorithms to predict implantation to demonstrate the need for the development of specific, in-house morphokinetic selection algorithms.The women's institute is known as the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco or, more officially, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA).

The Society grew rapidly, with houses established in France and Argentina within a year of the Society's formal recognition, its official print organ, the Salesian Bulletin, was first published in 1877.These officers serve six-year terms; the Rector Major and the members of the general council are elected by the Chapter General, which meets every six years or upon the death of the Rector Major.Each local Salesian community is headed by a superior, called a Rector (or more commonly, "Director"), who is appointed to a three-year term and can be renewed for a second three-year term.The motto Da mihi animas, caetera tolle meaning "Give me souls, Take away the rest" is featured at the bottom.The logo of the Salesians of Don Bosco is made up of two superimposed images: in the background a stylised ā€œSā€ (Salesians) in white is formed within a sphere like a globe, marked to the right and left by two cuttings between the hills/dunes, the second image is in the centre of the globe bridging the ā€œSā€ road.Over the next decade the Salesians expanded into Austria, Britain, Spain, and several countries in South America.

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