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This to us is a nail in the coffin, the icing on the cake.

It proves everything we have been saying is 100% verifiable.

Matures For's terms and conditions page admits they create fictitious profiles.

Once you read the terms and conditions of the site obviously there's no point using the dating service any longer.

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All these sites have been investigated by us and we have conclude they are all scams that utilize fake profiles etc to rip people off. Matures For is pretty much like every single other dating scam that we have investigated.

A crisis quickly turns into a catastrophe; certainly in my head if not in my relationship as well.

Everything on the surface appears fine and we’re playing ‘happy family’.

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The reason they send their members phony emails that appear to be coming from interested female members is because when you try to reply and communicate back you are sent to an upgrade subscription page.I share child care responsibilities and tidy up around the house or do other little things to illustrate that I’m in fact capable of change.We have a family day once a week or even a date night and I’m become a better listener and more attentive than ever to your partner.To complete our investigation we have provided you with the terms and conditions for Matures For You can read in their own words how this site operates.From there once you are registered as a member and you have your free account you will be bombarded by emails and instant messages and webcam chats from all these interested women. The first place you should look if you're not really sure if you're dealing with a legitimate dating service is to read the terms and conditions page.

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