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She’s not tall, her breast are what make me always think of her tits. I felt her tighten around my shaft, as she exploded. “Mmm, Baur, you are better then I expected.” She smiled at me.She is a nice woman with short brown hair, and blue eyes. She was great, and we did things together many times after. As she bent over to reach for the curtain wrapper I could see her ass. As she stood up she caught me with the corner of her eye, watching her. I felt my dick stir and it started to get hard again. She moved down slowly over me, taking all f my dick into her pussy. I raised my hands and started to rub her waist, ass, and breast.

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She never wore a bra, I know this because whenever she worked in the yard, I could see her nipples pressing through the shirt or the top. I knew that her and her husband were having problems with the marriage. She moved a bit closer to me, “Can I trust you, Baur? She moved face to face to me, “Do you ever wanna touch me? After that she started kissing me, pressed her tongue into my mouth, and pulling me closer to her with her hands. ” She knelt between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. In time I’m gonna tell you about I was in pretty good shape. So I had and I still have a nice body, and although I’m not a very big guy down there, I have significant 9 inches to be proud of! I spent a lot of time after school doing odd jobs for Dona.Now you may think that my first time is a bit nasty, but I disagree. When things were rather ok at work, my boss sent me to do some work on his backyards or make small repairs at his house. If I was working in the backyard, she would bring me something to drink. Or if I was working in the house, she would make me a snack.She always teased me about girls, telling me how cute I was, or ask me why I didn’t have a girlfriend. One day after school I was sent to her house to do some work. I did a bit of yard work, and was organizing things in the garage when she came out and asked me if I would hang a shower curtain for her. She often asked me to do simple things around the house. “Can’t imagine why you’d look like that.” “Well, you still look pretty good for your age,” I answered. She looked down for a while as I straightened the shower curtain. My dick slapped up against my stomach, as she let out a slight: “Oh”. “Oh yeah, it’s longer than my husband’s, and it is thick! “It’s OK, I understand.” She told me: “Rea you ready for some more.” “That depends,” I began: “What is o your mind” I finished. She ordered me to lie on the floor on the bathroom carpet. When we got to the bathroom I could see why she asked for my help, the curtain was supposed to be set too high for her to reach. After I finished she thanked me, and turned to clean up the area. “You know Baur, I thought that some handsome guy like you would be staring at a girl younger than me,” she said. “My God, that is the prettiest cock I’ve ever seen.” She told me. As I laid down I watched her as she stood over me, rubbing herself. ” She put her hands on the floor above my shoulders and started riding my dick. This is me, Baur and this story is about how I lost my virginity.

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