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Not having laws against locking up gay people is a necessary precondition, but it’s useless on its own.You only get good results if good laws are matched by good social norms.

Imagine the most incriminating dossier of your statements, out of context, that they could put together. It’s bizarre that so many people trust to security by obscurity, when anybody with an axe to grind can destroy their obscurity and reveal them to the world.We expect this social norm to be sometimes in our favor and sometimes against us, so we want it to be universalizable and desirable under a veil of ignorance.On that note: let him who is without sin throw the first stone.Maybe you committed a crime someone can find on a public crime database, or maybe you said something perfectly innocent which can be twisted into a sinister “dog whistle” out of context.My own story – some antipsychiatry crackpot decided to target me, went through a couple of posts I’d written defending the practice of involuntary psych commitment in certain cases, and took a few statements out of context to make it look like I thought we should lock up all mentally ill people and throw away the key.But don’t let the fact that it’s bizarre make you think it isn’t important.

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