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The last of the Earls of Fife to own the North Berwick estate was Isabel, Countess of Fife who lived through the revolutionary reign of David II.

In 1344, King David II appointed William Chalmers keeper of the port at North Berwick.

Sir James Dalrymple of Hailes, elected MP for the Haddingtonshire Burghs in 1727 was the 2nd.

Baronet of Newhailes, near East Linton, his father being the fifth son of Viscount Stair.

Beyond Westgate there were two tracks, one leading south to the ruins of the old Abbey (Abbey Road) and the other following what is now Pointgarry Road leading through open ground to Whin Stone Quarry, the remains of which can be traced on the West Links.The Dalrymples had representatives on the Town Council for over a century, and in the year 1785-6 there were no less than four of them.The early Town Council minutes were dominated with setting a date for the annual election of the Magistrates, Bailies and Councillors, and the opening of the town common in May for grazing the animals.19th Century Biarritz of the North Early Settlers Pilgrim Ferry Royal Charter Nunnery and Witches Coven Landowners Town Council Parish Kirk Education Harbour and Fishing Times of Change Between the War Years Coastguard and Lifeboat A quaint and quiet little place, its houses were chiefly thatched and had outside stairs and picturesque outshots overhanging the street on beams of wood and pillars of stone.- 'The White Cockade' by James Grant During the eighteenth century the Royal Burgh of North Berwick was separate from the Westgait.Sir Robert Dalrymple was a practicing advocate and lived at Castleton in the shadow of Tantallon Castle where he died on 31st August 1734.

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