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And a handy tip: If you are looking for a car, and can't find it (there are quite a lot cars in GTA IV) just press Ctrl F.

This will bring up a console in which you type the name of the car.

And please, if you think information is wrong, contact me!

Also if you think you don't see a vehicle in the list, which you have driven before. -----| Legal| -----| This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Bobcat -Type: Pick-up -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Sporty looking pick-up.

It has, just like in all GTA games it appeared in, got the word BOBCAT embossed in the rear.

-Where to find: You need to drive it in one of the side missions in Algonquin _____________________________________________________________________________ Blista Compact -Type: Coupe -Speed: Average -Weight: Light -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Also very average, it looks much like a honda civic CRX.

If you own copies of GTA like San Andreas or Vice City, you should know it when you see one.

-Where to find: Very easy to find driving around in any part of Liberty City, and it is also found in one of Vlad's missions where you have to steal a silver blista compact.

Two more things before you can check out the stats, are the checklist, containing all the cars that are in this guide so far, and the How to use, which will explain everything you need to know to use the guide. What it looks like, what it can be used for, and all that kind of stuff.

---------| Checklist| ---------| ------------------- --Ordinary Cars: Admiral Banshee Blista Compact Bobcat Boxville Buccaneer Cavalcade Cavalcade FXT Chavos Cognoscenti Comet Contender Coquette Dilettante Dukes Emperor Esperanto Faction Feltzer Feroci Fortune Futo Habanero Huntley Sport Infernus Intruder Landstalker Lokus Manana Marbelle Merit Minivan Moonbeam Oracle Patriot Perrenial Peyote Premier Presidente Primo Rancher Rembla Ruiner Sabre Sabre GT Schafter Sentinel Solair Speedo Stallion Stretch Sultan Sultan RS Super GT Turismo Uranus Vigero Vincent Virgo Voodoo Washington Willard ------------------- --Special cars: Cabby Laundromat Mr. -Where to find: I tell you in what missions you can find it, and where it has a static spawning point.

If not typed by myself, I will put a note, and credit.

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