Gridview edit not updating database


Internally, the Grid View notes what row is editable through its property works well for per-row editing, but is not designed for batch editing.

To make the entire Grid View editable, we need to have each row render using its editing interface.

In Step 1 we'll start by creating the Grid View and its Object Data Source and convert its Bound Fields and Check Box Field into Template Fields.

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Over the next several steps we'll create a completely editable Grid View.While the steps here are complete, they are presented tersely.For a more in-depth look at creating and configuring the categories Drop Down List, refer back to the Customizing the Data Modification Interface tutorial.Database transactions guarantee that a series of data modification statements will be treated as one atomic operation, which ensures that all modifications will fail or all will succeed.With this low-level DAL functionality out of the way, we re ready to turn our attention to creating batch data modification interfaces., which will result in an Object Data Source instance created for each Grid View row.

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