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Chris Wanstrath, Git Hub’s chief executive and another co-founder, apologized to Ms.

But something else is at play in the industry: Among the women who join the field, 56 percent leave by midcareer, a startling attrition rate that is double that for men, according to research from the Harvard Business School.

Today, even as so many barriers have fallen — whether at elite universities, where women outnumber men, or in running for the presidency, where polls show that fewer people think gender makes a difference — computer engineering, the most innovative sector of the economy, remains behind.

Many women who want to be engineers encounter a field where they not only are significantly underrepresented but also feel pushed away.

I’ve been harassed, I’ve had people make suggestive comments to me, I’ve had people basically dismiss my expertise.

I’ve gotten rape and death threats just for speaking out about this stuff.”She added: “A lot of times that makes me want to leave.

But leaving can be hard too.“There was only one thing I wanted to do,” Ms. Over the decades, the share of women in computing has continued to decline.

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