Is interracial dating wrong in christianity

There's no rule that says a born again Christian can't find a perfect life partner in a bar or an alley, though I don't recommend the latter, but giving yourself a good network of Christian friends can help to funnel you towards exactly the type of date you're in search of.Don't turn your back on your old friends just because they aren't Christian or because they partake in activities that you don't want anything to do with, and don't go berserk trying to convert them.Being born again as a Christian and living your life as such will bring a serenity and contentment to your existence that not everyone is lucky enough to experience.Revel in this fact and bring the joy of your new found understanding into your relationships; you will soon find that the new you has the perfect future with a new partner.Once it is clear what about you that you didn't like then you need to look at the you of yesterday and accept that person as part of who you are today, but in a different and more positive light.Too many people are hopelessly entangled in their former selves and don't realize that the only way to break the cycle is to accept their former selves and move on; this is one of the main problems that occurs in relationships as it has a way of making people feel inadequate even when their partner doesn't.A part of being born anew is surrounding yourself with those who will have a positive effect on your life and help you as you strive to be more Christlike.A great way to meet people who can enhance your new lifestyle is by becoming involved in Christian functions and outreach projects.

It’s not that one is morally better than the other, but only that chances are the black woman and I are going to have more in common than the white girl and I will.

Similarly, I completely understand the view among some Jews that Jews should only marry other Jews, not only for religious reasons, but because the intermarriage rate is so high that a distinctive Jewish culture (and religion) is in danger of being assimilated.

There’s a lot of wisdom in prohibitions among religious communities — Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc. Ethnically speaking, I always dated Caucasian girls, not because I ruled out dating outside my race, but that’s just how things went.

This might have had to do with your relationships, your demeanor, the way you treated others or yourself, or any number of other things.

If it's not blatantly clear you felt you needed to convert to Christianity then you need to look inside yourself and determine the answer.

Do people really employ rational faculties when deciding on romantic partners? I was a religiously observant Catholic; she was a non-religious Jew.

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