Life begins at forty dating


Researchers found that young people between the ages of ten and sixteen demonstrate more fickle behavior ...Dating Begins at Forty has loads of mature UK members looking for dates.Dr Garry said: “We have all heard the saying ‘life begins at forty’.But it seems that many people, particularly young people, actually associate growing old with being miserable, meaning they don’t see any benefit in preserving their health for old age.Growing old is a happier experience than many of us imagine - that's according to the findings of a new study.The study looked at young people's attitudes to happiness in old age and how these attitudes affect their current health-related behavior.

By addressing their incorrect perception that growing old is a miserable experience, they may be encouraged to drink more responsibly and take better care of their health.” Archie and Margaret Lindsay, who are celebrating their 44th Valentine’s Day together, say they are perfectly happy in their old age.

The research found that, contrary to common belief, old age does not mean a decline in happiness - older people are just as happy as younger people.

Even though many young people associate old age with doom and gloom, this is not the case.

“We also found a strong link between the belief that happiness declines with age and levels of binge drinking by young men.

It seems that these young men abuse their bodies through alcohol because, as they see it, there is little point in preserving their health for a miserable old age.

“This study aimed to find out whether this risky behaviour is associated with young people’s estimates of happiness in old age.

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