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What if they made a Jerry Bruckheimer-like action movie that was really a spoof, with lots of explosions, coarse, vulgar language and enough offbeat sexual situations to rile the MPAA?

The value for Sex ratio at birth (male births per female births) in North America was 1.05 as of 2015.

Hopefully, Sarandon won't mind when she gets her head blown off. The Parker/Stone version of Kim Jong II nearly overtakes the film as the terrorist-hunting switches from the Arab world to Korea. Evil meets Elmer Fudd, this Kim Jong II is easily the film's funniest creation, simply because he is so unlikable in real life.

The movie version is more Looney Tunes than "Fritz the Cat" and that's where "Team America" really succeeds.

I can't repeat all the words to the theme song that spoofs patriotism, "America [Expletive], Yeah! Needless to say, teenage boys will be enthralled by the endless graphic references to oral sex and the scatological.

But Parker and Stone have also added another element: a team of Hollywood actors who descend on Korea (I think) for a misguided peace conference.

In some respects, it's hard to believe that Paramount Pictures — home in the last decade of "Forest Gump" and "The Hours" — is releasing this film.

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