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My insurance is denying coverage for FET's stating because the embryos weren't created under 1 of the egg retrievals they covered, I'm not eligible for coverage.I don't see anything in the NJ mandate limiting transfers. What if I had previously done IVF under a different plan & had frozen embryo's I wanted transferred under the new plan.Since my husband's employer is self insured, they do not cover infertility treatment, procedures, etc.I opted to get individual insurance through Horizon BCBS and was verbally told by my agent that IVF was covered (with pre-approval).

How do I go about selecting the correct policy for open enrollment and will this mandate apply to me since I had a tubal ligation years ago?

I did my 4 rounds of egg retrievals covered by insurance.

I only had 1 viable embryo, which was transferred in June 2017. I switched to donor eggs & paid 100% out of pocket for the retrieval.

Hi Mark, If you work for an employer that headquarters in another state, your health plan does not have to comply. I am wondering which patient the age limit apply to. I am assuming it refers to the female since most times the invasive procedures (ie expensive ones) are done on the female. The female is always considered the patient regardless of diagnosis. All IUI and IVF procedures are billed to the female's insurance.

You should check with your plan's administrator to find out what is and what is not covered. Best of luck, Jenna I am working for a company in NJ with 50 employees, still my insurance is not covering IUI, IVF. According to NJ mandate, my insurance (Aetna Open Choice PPO) should provide insurance for fertility treatments. Best, Kim You should consult your insurance directly.

The law's sponsors say the requirement keeps health insurance markets afloat.

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