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The guys who go on Craigslist in chat rooms and onto dating sites are often old, nothing to look at, useless at chat, boring, badly dressed, no money, so five years later they are still looking.In a way they are simply wasting their time chasing a dream. It is very much like fishing but without using the bait that might entice the fish to bite. – I live in Inverness but come down to London at least once a year! The long distancer ‘Wow, you look amazing, we have so much in common – i’d love to chat! It is all very well saying it is only casual and fun, but waiting for two weeks for a meet when others could meet you today is not fun and is pointless.Most of these men go into chat rooms and make a beeline for the women they believe to be married, on the basis that they may be in the same boat, both longing for more broadminded and kinky sex.The truth is, if a guy cannot afford to use such sites he probably cannot afford a bit on the side.It gets quite ridiculous when the married man, who is often nothing to look at, scruffy, inarticulate, awful job, no prospects, no charm, says he is only interested in a “bit on the side” if she has perfect measurements, is at least ten years younger than him, dresses very sexily in stockings and high heels every day, is well spoken, articulate, highly educated and very intelligent!

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I did know a man who was unable to have sex with his wife because of her health, he had no intention of leaving her, so he tried to find a single mistress.

But he totally overlooked how unfair it would be to this other woman so of course it never happened.

He then tried to find a married woman, and again it never happened, because the women he tried it on with wanted men who paid, men who got more spare time to spend with them, younger men and single men.

He knows he can go to a massage parlour, brothel, call girl, but that costs him and dents his ego. And I feel sorry for any woman who is naive enough to take them seriously and meet them. If a man is genuinely in a bad marriage and for one reason or another is not able to leave, genuinely, and quite by accident bumps into a woman and it turns into something, then while it is wrong it is different.

They think if the wife is not sexy enough she deserves it and anyway how would she find out?

Online dating is a minefield and there is no doubt that, even for the most optimistic of daters, logging on to find love can often be more of a chore than a pleasure.

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