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In many ways, Xixa is the aesthetic and philosophical ideal of Heather—a strong, feminine, romantic, cosmopolitan, nostalgic, modern woman.

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What if almost everything else was the same: Jason travelled throughout Europe and Asia, worked in various Michelin kitchens, and grew up gardening and cooking with mom just like in real life…In April 2010, Heather and Jason did open Traif restaurant.One January morning while walking to coffee about a year and a half after opening Traif, Heather and Jason decided to ask the landlords of a vacant former restaurant down the street of their intentions with that space.In Paris, he wondered how the endless varieties of cheese might be incorporated in his native cuisine; how the bright, fresh salads of Vietnam seemed based on the same ingredients that he grew up with but were composed in ways he’d never seen; and the art of pasta-making throughout Italy made him wonder about his native grains and what he could one day do with them.Along his journey, Jason met Heather through work, and through inspiration and research, they eventually decided to open Xixa.In between jobs, he was inspired by travels to Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

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