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Even if, despite nine points in his past 17 postseason games, Nash has gotten a bit of a negative reputation in the playoffs. 10ABOUT THE SAME: Could the Capitals have used an addition to their blue line? But this is the team, this is their probable division regular-season finish, and this is their second-round series against the Penguins. Getting Derick Brassard was a coup for GM Jim Rutherford, especially since George Mc Phee, his counterpart in Vegas, was nice enough to pick up part of the tab. Let's see what Ken Holland (or the next GM) does with it. 27FURTHER: Being unable to gin up anything more than one offer on Maroon at a deadline when so many other wingers were in a play was tough to swallow.But then again, Brassard isn't the first guy to leave 40 percent of his salary in Vegas. 11ABOUT THE SAME: They pick up Petr Mrazek out of necessity, because of goalie injuries, and then add what's left of Johnny Oduya. But for now, the Sharks have a key addition to their top line for a reasonable cost. 17 FURTHER: The Ducks made a move up our power rankings, but not at the deadline. In the short term, a veteran team could have used a boost before the postseason, in a conference where seemingly everyone else got one. 14CLOSER: Wow, who would have had the Devils as deadline buyers back in October? 16FURTHER: The Calgary Flames got a recent injury scare with goalie Mike Smith, and decided to roll with what they have between the pipes rather than get an insurance policy. Our voters were clearly not impressed by GM Doug Armstrong declaring, via the Paul Stastny trade, that the team wasn't good enough to contend for a Cup. 19FURTHER: You have to be in it to win it, and the Hurricanes did nothing at the deadline to better their chances of making the Stanley Cup playoffs this season -- much to their fans' frustration. But hey, at least he's probably headed back to Edmonton. 26ABOUT THE SAME: Still waiting for that ultimate decision on Max Pacioretty as either a building block for a contender or being turned into parts to build one. 28FURTHER: How does one not get at least a draft pick at the deadline?For those who have placed at the top of this year’s ranking, a successful combination of these critical tasks has taken place.Not only have these particular organizations – as you will see – successfully drafted and acquired young talent at each position of the ice but they have also enjoyed the rapid development of their young talent.Obviously, this is all circumstantial evidence at best.But on the internet you can believe whatever you want.

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Built to thrive in the present rather than in the future, Pittsburgh’s dwindling prospect base is an issue which has been heavily overlooked due to the team’s recent success.According to , a “trusted source” says Lindsey’s “been spending a bit of time in Nashville lately and last night was spotted out in Denver with him after the Preds/Avs game.” I don’t know how much time Lindsey has been spending in Nashville, but she certainly was in Denver on Sunday to see the Preds demolish the Avs 5-0 and advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.She documemted that on her Instagram story: While I generally do not place a lot of stock in random tweets, this would be a pretty crazy thing to make up at 2 a.m.Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn likes dating athletes. When you’re as fit she is, you gotta get a man who can keep up.And if he just so happens to be somebody incredibly famous who understands what it’s like to be recognized everywhere you go—like, say, Tiger Woods—well, that’s just icing on the cake I guess.While a number of these top teams remain in a rebuilding state, others find themselves excruciatingly close to competing for the Stanley Cup – a truly terrifying fact.– 2016-17 NHL/AHL: 34/33 GP – 3/14G, 6/23Pts The San Jose Sharks have been plagued by poor drafting in recent years – an issue which has placed them dead last in this year’s farm system ranking.

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