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This place is made for one thing, drinking and getting trashed and the clientele fits that mold to a T.

The juiced up jocks and fake beach chicks all but fornicate in front of you.

Drinks are fairly cheap since the selection is not top notch. Most people walk, bike or skate here so if a Mercedes or BMW is your favorite mode of transportation, get ready to work those legs.

Bring some quarters for the juke box or get ready to listen to Jack Johnson over and over and have the guys buys your cheap beer.

You might get lucky with a surfer frat guy who lives next door! Malarky’s Irish Pub Website: 3011 Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach, CAWho doesn’t love standing in line for an hour to get in just to get hit on by some “bro”.

This bar must be cool because it has Irish in the title?

Get ready for some fist pumping, Jersey Shore action going on at Sutra!

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