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I created Baby Boomer Dating Site to help you find out about the leading online dating sites.

But even more than that, we want to help you navigate around the possible pot-holes of online dating’s potential hazards.

But I ask tons of questions and I can usually tell when they’re lying when they can’t answer the same question I asked four days ago.” The pitfalls, too, aren’t exclusive to the 50-and-older set.

“The women can be just as bad as men when it comes to just looking for sex,” says Rick Marmon, 55, of Cedar Rapids.

Some sites also allow communication without a fee, but charge a premium for enhanced services, such as being able to see when your message has been read.Because of our experience, both before we met, as well as the actual meeting, we decided that this website would benefit people who are thinking of joining an online dating site or are already involved but have questions or concerns.The blog is to share my knowledge and experience with you.In part, some of the reasons mature singles plug into online dating sites aren’t unique to their generation.For example, Alan Pfab, 54, of Iowa City, who has used online dating “off and on” for the last 13 years, says it’s easier to start talking with someone online than in person.“They can’t see your reaction when they ask you the dumbest question or you know they’re lying.

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