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Intel Seven: After defeating the soldier in the technical (pickup truck with a machinegun in it), you'll cross the main road.

It's easy to miss, but one of the buildings on the right will have steps leading up to the second floor.

Intel 11: Eventually you'll head through two greenhouses.

When Price tells you "The helicopter's making another pass!

Look for a poster of a red fist on the wall with a star above it; the stairs will be immediately next to it.

Authors: Forouhar Farzaneh, Sharif University of Technology, Iran Ali Fotowat, Sharif University of Technology, Iran Mahmoud Kamarei, University of Tehran, Iran Ali Nikoofard, University of California at San Diego, USA Mohammad Elmi, Kavosh Com Asia Co., Iran Foreword by: Behzad Razavi, UCLA, USA ISBN: 9788793609716 e-ISBN: 9788793609709 Over the past decade, tremendous development of Wireless Communications has changed human life and engineering.

The laptop is on the floor near the hole in the metal grate.

Intel Three: At the beginning of the level, you'll come to a few Russians standing outside a shack overlooking the swamp. Intel Four: On the second floor of the building where you need to use night vision goggles, check the bathroom before you rescue Nikolai. Intel Five: After reaching the target building at the beginning of the level, head downstairs into the room filled with weapons.

It's not going to revolutionize the shooter genre--in the end, you still have to point and shoot--but it's a welcome departure from the world of potato mashers and MP44s.

(Well, mostly…) Game Spot's Primer to Call of Duty 4 isn't intended to be a full game guide with a walk-through and all the works, because the game is pretty simple to play, so long as you can point a gun and pull a trigger.

You'll bypass the firefight amongst the corrugated steel.

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