Pay to dirty chat

The call included Tanisha advising him to go the refrigerator and put an ice cube down his pants as punishment.

In the end, Tanisha’s ability to keep up the act for two hours resulted in a 0 tip.

Paying attention to what is and isn't OK to send to your desired recipient is super important, and you should treat it with just as much care as you would if the other person were standing right in front of you.

The next time you're thinking about sending a sext to the object of your affection, make sure it doesn't fall into any of these categories.

She is casual about her experience, and she described it as a phase she passed through and has since been able to laugh about.

Tanisha said although she didn’t get much out of it, being a PSO isn’t something of which she’s ashamed.

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With the invention of the cell phone, all our steamy love letters turned into sexting in an instant.If it falls into You know that awkward moment when your partner and your boss are both named Sam, so you accidentally send a work-related text to bae-Sam and a picture of your boobs to boss-Sam and OHDEARGOD what have I ? with such valuable images, but considering the number of vengeful exes that are out there, your best bet of not having your nudes plastered all over the internet (until we as a society can convince people that this is a really messed up thing to do) is to keep them far away from people you've had a less-than-pleasant relationship with.Maybe I'm just overly anxious, but if I'm dating someone whose name is even remotely similar to another one of my contact's, I change his/her name in my phone to something I could never make a mistake with. And hey, if one of your exes (or anyone, really) sends you a nude, make the world a better place to live by keeping it only for yourself.Tanisha described an experience in which the customer claimed he was a principal from Texas who employed corporal punishment and wanted her to be a school girl receiving it.She hung up on the caller because she was uncomfortable with the situation.In doing so, Tanisha crafted intricate back stories and personalities for her characters.

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