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And as women tend to have a higher emotional intelligence than men from a young age, they’re more likely to develop those secure bonds with their parents.

get over a fear of commitment, and the first step is understanding, accepting and reflecting on it.

It’s a go-to diagnosis for the Peter Pan types who don’t see themselves settling down until late middle age, but is it actually a diagnosable condition?“It creates fear that the other person might betray you like the last time.This fear of trust will often manifest itself in a person’s inability to commit.” Singh believes low self-esteem or a low sense of self-worth can also be behind a fear of commitment.I could've told him how I almost ran back to the tube, but forced myself encouraged by friends who told me 'it's just one date.' I could've defended myself and say ' I'm not a cock-teaser.I'm not heartless, I just have sarmassophobia.' Instead, I blissfully went back to my room and, more importantly, to being myself.The next step is to find the links between your current behaviour and your earlier attachment bond, and then work through the trauma, anger and resentment that you might be carrying from childhood or from a previous relationship.

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