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Every word every expressions when you smile or when your eyes full of tears..... In The King in love ammazingly he can alter to a sweet loving n a true gentleman. And they also starred in a drama known as vampire idol.. When I first saw your photo I said to my sell W\HOA.. His face and all his being depicted the wicked and cruel King. Good luck handsome ;) He really reminds me of Kim woo bin ....like twins or something... Still looking forward if anyone will give him a chance and hands him a major role. Fighting and more dramas to come : D Very promising actor, I've seen him in Hero 2012 drama , 1 episode, he was brilliant in a role of deaf character,too bad they killed him off for the sake of story,but well i was kind of captivating presence on screen , of course he's really handsome as well but it wasnt so exploit in this drama, looked more like a cute ,neighbourhood kid, thats why he got my attention. i was fooled for a while thinking maybe he's from some group.. I hated him when he was Wang Yo in Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Watching K-dramas is not my thing unless some actor or actress is worth my time but THIS is THE GUY . But there is still some hope for him though because he may not have a good acting skill but he is not that sucks. hahah his face is totally a someone-from-idol-group face.. He is trully a great young actor, multi facets and able to do all kind of charracters. He could not make role in Her Lovely Heels to be as charming as it suppose to be but his handsome face help a lot, thanks lord! He achieved breakthrough success with his third Korean album, It's Raining (2004), which spawned the number one single of the same name. His mother died in December 2000 as she struggled with diabetes.

The great K-ent baby bump watch of 2017 continues as it heads towards the final stretch in both the final calendar quarter and also many expecting actresses in their third trimester already.

soompi via Naver, Sports Seoul Additionally, keen-eyed observers have noted that Rain and Jeon Ji Hyun have been sporting matching "couple's jewelry" from Cartier (which comes in a set as a man's ring and a woman's bracelet).

A few days ago, it was reported that Jeon Ji Hyun had turned down the opportunity to star in the upcoming drama "Runaway" with Rain.

With that said, renowned natural Korean beauties Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee make it so effortless to just glide right back into promotions, especially Jeon Ji Hyun as this is her second time.

Both actresses recently gave birth, Kim Tae Hee to her first child with husband Rain and Jeon Ji Hyun having her second baby three years after her first one.

The apartment complex, called i Park Apartments, is the most expensive in Korea and is inaccessible to visitors, but the apartment security has confirmed that Rain has obtained an access card and has been able to enter the complex for months.

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