Rating and dating system

Feel free to leave your thoughts & theories on this topic in the comments section!Robert has worked at SAS for over 25 years, and is perhaps the foremost expert in creating custom graphs using SAS/GRAPH.I always recommend looking at data in several different ways, to get a more complete picture of what's really going on - such is the case with the member 'ratings' on dating websites.Let's take a look at some data from a different angle...We want to make it even safer to meet someone online than in a bar.”Chong’s first order of business at Badoo is to make online dating safer for women.“No more catfishing,” Chong says, “which is a legitimate problem. Americans are far better acquainted with the portfolio of Match Inc.In a recent blog post, I analyzed which age men & women the opposite sex rated most attractive.The graphs indicated that men rated 20-year-old women the most attractive, whereas women rated men closer to their own age most attractive.

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What other factors are perhaps influencing this data?And with that, we wanted to empower women with a tool that helped them do their research," she says. but subsequently we’ve learned that beyond having the tool, there was also a very keen desire, rather than just browsing guys, to match with them and meet them.”Many would say Lulu went well beyond just “browsing guys,” which is a benign way of putting it.On the app, women could write a public review of a guy (no approval needed), beginning with whether they know him as a friend, a past girlfriend, or just “a hookup.” Then they’d choose from more than 100 pre-populated hashtags in two categories: Best and Worst qualities.In 2013, as the market for fast-action dating apps like Tinder was heating up, a different kind of app started getting some attention: Lulu, which allowed women to rate men on everything from their grooming habits to their sexual prowess.Lulu was lumped in with dating apps, but it wasn’t a vehicle for finding a date—it was more like a dating-services app, a tool to use in conjunction with other dating apps.This sparked quite a bit of discussion (such as the comments in the cross-posting of the blog on allanalytics.com).

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