Roleplay chat

I have no clue how to switch between channels, I tried /roleplay to switch to the roleplay channel I configured but that does not work, i tried /ooc and such for each channel but nothing.

I cannot find a list of commands anywhere other than the ones above but none of them tell me how to switch between the channels. Also, allow spaces for nicks and the option to have it per channel.

If people are roleplaying please take any unrelated conversation or discussions to the general chat rather than the roleplay.

If a member constantly spams, interrupts or offends other users on a regular basis, an admin may ban them if at least 2 staff members agree.

Hello guys, today I want to present you my first plugin on bukkit.

Roleplay Chat is a light weight chat customization plugin for RPG Servers. Let's look at the other cool things: Start your server. You can see generated configuration files at /plugins/Roleplay Chat/worldname/.

Maybe in NA it was always like this, but when I started on EU, it wasn't. Because why take the best of each other when you can take the worse?

Now EU kids wants to be ameritards and copy the memes to belong.

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Please try and keep your roleplay to the right chatbox, so everyone can enjoy roleplay without getting confused!

Is there a way to make different channels but have players automatically in all of the channels.

The reason for this is I want players wandering around the world to be able to "hear" roleplaying when they are in the right radius of a RP that is being done on the RP channel.

You can contact White Tiger on the Contact page if you have any issues.

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Little do they know what happened last summer, when seventeen year old Adrienne Burr disappeared in the lake, secretly drowned by a counselor determined to protect the secret she knew about the camp, and her spirit haunts the camp still, determined to release the campers’ deepest secrets and perhaps get her own revenge.

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