Sammi and ronnie dating again

• Vinny from Jersey Shore is the hot, woke savior 2018 deserves by Caroline Phinney Just a week and a half ago, G-Easy and Halsey broke up in a (characteristically messy) public Instagram meltdown. Let's work through this word problem together: If Witness sold fewer than 1 million copies worldwide and only 266,300 attended her world tour, who are the extra 106 million people following her on Twitter? Justin Bieber got engaged to professional friend-of-Jenner Hailey Baldwin, and Selena Gomez is getting back at him by…dating a cleaner-cut version of him at age 15?

Sadly, even though Gerald once said if Halsey caught him cheating, "she'd cut my dick off," his dick is still presumably intact because he was spotted holding hands while walking out of a Hollywood nightclub with Demi…

In an interview with Too Fab last June, he mentioned that both he and Sammie were happy where they were and that he was content with that.

He admitted that he spoke to Sammie before he filmed Me and Sam [were] speaking before the show...

But I got a little sad when I found out Ronnie and Sammi have found a way to fuck up this new season just like they did allllll the seasons prior. May the innocent days when no one hated each other rest in peace.

The perpetually-screaming couple definitely went through it — dating on and off for years after Ronnie made out with two girls and put his head in between a cocktail waitress' breasts.

And like, this whole mess really has me feeling things. • VOTE: What was the most batshit insane moment to ever happen on Jersey Shore? by Amanda Ross Look, we're all guilty of trying to show up our exes when they move on. And as someone who based her entire aesthetic in the late 2000s off Snooki and was an avid screamer of "T-Shirt Time!" as a teen, I'm fucking excited for the reunion season.Before Instagram celebrities and personal brands were a thing, the and Sammi and Ronnie's boardwalk blowups were partially to thank for the show's total realness.Although they always seemed to find their way back to each other, the two also had some brutal breakups that usually fell back on their failure to communicate.Plus, Sammi is currently in a relationship with boyfriend Christian Biscardi, while Ronnie is dating Jen Harley, the mother of his expectant baby.

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