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Day 6: Sweets For Your Sweet Sneak your love's favorite sweet somewhere, and add a little love note. Find a Shakespeare love quote via your BFF Google, and add it with those Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Day 7: Return to the Beginning Make it a point to spend even just a few minutes back where you met — or where you had your first date. Perhaps the winner gets to pick out his or her favorite "sexual" favor as a prize. Day 17: Wedding Song Send an audio or video clip of your wedding song, or if you're a hopeless romantic, write out the words to your sweetie and hit send. Channel your anger and handcuff your hot stuff and tease away!

Day 11: The Quickie Pick 20 minutes out of your day — whether it's during a nap, midnight, or 5 in the morning, and have a quickie with your partner . Day 13: The Public Act Pick a public place to get naughty. If you can't get a babysitter, fool around in the car late at night. Sure, but once all the "body parts" activate, you won't feel so stupid.

Write an old-fashioned note listing 15 things you love about your partner. Day 21: The Wedding Revisit the walk down the aisle.

When the lights are out — or on, if you prefer — give your partner a tutorial in oral activities.

Remember when you wondered where he was when you first dated? When you get back later, don't talk — just go to the bedroom.

Day 23: The Talk For 20 minutes today, sit down and talk to your partner while holding hands. Stick to these three: sex, life dreams, or why you have chosen to be with each other. Tell them how good it made you feel — it usually does. Also, be sure to take a little instruction yourself.

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