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Apple isn't going to talk about its next i Phone months ahead of time.

But if history repeats itself, Apple could disappoint some looking for the next i Phone to pack the latest and greatest everything.

With those kinds of speeds, you can say goodbye to buffering as downloads zip by in a flash. This has already happened before, according to a legal filing from Qualcomm. It marked the first time Apple used two modem suppliers on the device, with Intel modems going into T-Mobile and AT&T i Phones, and Qualcomm modems going into Verizon and Sprint versions.

Carriers, meanwhile, also want more phones on Gigabit LTE because it makes for a more efficient network better able to handle more users and traffic. Qualcomm accused Apple of limiting the Qualcomm modems in i Phones so the performance would be on par with the Intel-powered version.

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Live Jasmin is one of the largest live sex cam sites available, with amateur performers from all across the globe offering a variety of action and ways to chat.What would the next i Phone presumably miss out on?Gigabit LTE promises a significant speed boost to your phone -- think 18 times faster than the average speeds posted by the likes of T-Mobile and Verizon in a recent test by Open the fastest phone when it comes to tapping into cellular network speeds.That's because it includes Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor or, in some markets, Samsung's own Exynos 8895 chip -- both of which can work with an advanced form of 4G wireless tech called Gigabit LTE.While Apple declined to comment on Qualcomm's filing, it pointed to its own lawsuit in January, in which it accuses Qualcomm of unfairly charging for royalties based on technology that it didn't help create.

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