Single motherhood and dating

I hopped out, full of adrenaline and blissed out and started dancing.

As it turned out, the landing was one of the most graceful things I’ve experienced.

(There are many other groups for divorced or co-parenting moms that can offer better support than we can on typical divorce issues, such as child support and visitation, as we are don’t have experience with these kinds of issues.) The decision to become a Single Mother by Choice is one with lifelong consequences and which should be given a great deal of thought. He serenaded me in candlelight, a song he’d written on his guitar. I love the way, during this single phase in my life, I am collecting so many experiences and memories as I date different men. I promise, I’ll get it out of my system so we can get back to interesting and fun things tomorrow. Abruptly, his face turned away from me, his left hand sliding up to mouth. We went outside and played in the pouring rain like toddlers. We had incredible conversations about philosophy, work, jealousy, and more. XO, Molly Undercover I’m going to need to be complainey here just for a minute, ok? At a few points, he’d thrust a harmonica or a violin at me to solo (both of which I happened to used to love to play a million years ago but suck at now.) We danced together and he lifted me in the air, spinning me around. Back at his apartment, there was just enough red wine and good lighting. He played guitar; he sang songs I didn’t know, too, with gusto.When a woman is in her early thirties, often her most pressing concerns are how long she should wait to find “Mr.

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